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Distrust in Letvia – latvian ports

as Baltic News Network reports on September 23rd, we have to learn, that more and more distrust is taking place against the Latvian ports.

The article explains, that: The hysteria of members of Latvian Transit Business Association (LTBA), different experts and some of Saeima deputies regarding any possible involvement in freeport Boards in fear of ruining the entire industry as a result in no longer surprising in any way. The very same people who sit in LTBA also work in the Boards of Latvia’s freeports. They are the same people who largely dictate the agendas of Transport Ministry and its subsidiaries, claims Baltic Association for Transport and Logistics.

BATL representatives comment the concerns over Latvia’s transit industry: “The industry’s competitiveness is definitely improved by the freeports’ forced, technologically expensive investment projects and have investors’ wallets hold up state owned hydro-technological structures’ decommissioning expenses and other multi-million costs? The transit industry’s generated multi-million income’s investment into projects unrelated to the industry (many of which have gone bankrupt or are close to it) strongly “increase” the transit industry’s competitiveness. The industry’s “growth”, of course, cannot be imagined without consent from investors, whore are prepared to spend enormous amounts of money in litigations with port Boards. And finally the facts mentioned in State Audit’s reports regarding misappropriation of funds also largely contribute to the “development” of the industry. This also includes all the previous scandals, violations and litigations that involve members of freeport Boards. The same members whose continuous remainder in their posts clearly signalizes: choose Latvian ports – we know where to put your money.”

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