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Replacing Ventspils Free Port Management

The Baltic News Network on their reports about plan of BATL to get the Ventspils Free Port Authority management replaced (in Latvian). The interesting article published on November 4th 2011 reads as follows:

“Ventspils Free Port Authority (VFPA) has long been practicing systematic violations and purposeful contra-action towards business interests of companies operating in Ventspils port, Baltic Association of Transport and Logistics (BATL) told BNN.

“Openly irrational actions, hidden and short-shortsighted decisions taken by the VFPA managers as well as delayed decision-making often endanger and will keep endangering foreign investments in Latvia. This undermines Latvia’s reputation of a decent business partner and lays grounds for deteriorating political and economic Latvia’s relationship with the western and the eastern neighbouring countries,” Aivars Gobins, Chairman of BATL, writes in an open letter to the Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis, Transport Minister Aivis Ronis, Economy Minister Daniels Pavluts, Finance Minister Andris Vilks, Local Government and Regional Development Minister Edmunds Sprudzs and first deputy of Ventspils City Council Janis Vitolins.

He points out that, during the past ten years, companies operating in Ventspils port and Ventpils City Council opposition deputies have repeatedly approached the Saeima, the President, ministries as well as other competent authorities with complaints about the VFPA’s negligence over investors.

“The reason for that might be the officials’ private interests, which serve as an obstacle for investors to develop their businesses since they are not considered to be loyal to the city power. Moreover, we have also come up with possible solutions and law amendments that have been neglected so far.”

“The VFPA board reviews nearly all proposals, requests and applications by such “unloyal” companies behind closed doors, without participation of investors representatives. These meetings are entirely secret, which alone suggests that the management of the port has a reason to conceal their motives behind their weird and unreasonable decisions. The VFPA is also often avoiding meetings with investors representatives,” according to the letter.

…. ”

Read this article in English or Latvian in the Baltic News Network Portal.

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