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Lobbyist active in Ventspils

as the Baltic News Network reports according to BATL – the Ventspils Free Port is lobbying its companies instead of the interests of Latvia.

In the article published June 9, 2011 BNN reports, that

The Baltic Association of Transport and Logistics (BATL) warns Ventspils Free port administration’s activities against AS Ventspils Grain Terminal clearly suggest once more the changes are necessary within Ventspils Free port administration.

Kazakh investors own 100% of AS Ventspils Grain Terminal, which is a perspective project to strengthen the economic relations between Latvia and Kazakhstan. If the project was implemented successfully, it would be a signal also for other investors to place financial resources in the Latvian economy. The association agrees to Economy Minister Artis Kampars description of Ventspils Free Port activities – irresponsible, mismanaged and anti-governmental, according to BATL statement.

BATL, which is made up by the leading companies operating in Ventspils Free Port, point out they are forced to deal with the methods of its administration and its arbitrary, economically ungrounded and different decisions regarding a number of companies.

Similalry, BATL also stresses the port has turned into a private company run by a small number of individuals and its key aim is no longer to develop the port but to lobby «their» companies and harm others. …”

Read the whole article in English or Latvian in BNN.

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