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Again Oleg Stepanov tries to steel millions

as the Baltic News Network reports in their article dated March 4th, 2013, Mr. Oleg Stepanov seems to try again to steel millions out of LNT - which translates into Latvias Naftas Tranzits.

The article of BNN reports this threat with reference to inside sources.You can find the original English Article here.


Media report on Dzintars Kass and finance police officer I. Kuzmina

In serveral articles published on Augst 3 and following days, a strange case around AS Ventbunkers is reported in the latvian online press. Read in Baltic News Network English, Latvian

Find the Articles in:


BNN: Prosecutor General’s Office too weak for Lembergs

The Baltic News Network reports in July 26th, 2012 about the situation in Latvia concerning Aivars Lembergs. Obviously BNN reports, that the Prosecutor General in Riga is not strong enough to fight Aivars Lembergs.

The BNN article in English language starts as follows:


Martins Kveps brutally falsified another Ventbunkers’ Shareholders’ Meeting with the involvement of Lembergs

The following Ventbunkers press release reached us today:

Riga, Latvia: On December 28, 2011, an associate of Martins Kveps' law firm once again submitted to the Register of Enterprises brutally falsified documents of a Shareholders' Meeting, which never took place and which had never been convoked. This is the fifth attempt of the notorious Kveps to illegally seize control of the company Ventbunkers, one of the most important enterprises involved in the Oil Transit Business in the Latvian port of Ventspils.