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Generosity campaign Angels over Latvia collects 414 265 lats in donations

Angels over Latvia

Angels over Latvia

In their article on January 7th, 2011 Baltic News Network reports: the third stage of Angels over Latvia, the generosity campaign for treatment of children, raised additional 81 351 lats at Rimi and Supernetto supermarkets.


E-ticket payment – in trains starting from May 2011

E-talona the e-tickets in Latvia railroad

E-talona the e-tickets in Latvia railroad

Under the title "E-ticket payments possible in trains from May 2011" BNN reports on January 5th, 2011, that it will be possible to pay for a ride in a train with an e-ticket starting from May, as it is already in the public transport of Riga.

As BNN points out, the as soon as the third stage will be reached, all passengers will have the opportunity to bay with e-tickets. This shall be possible throughout the whole of Latvia.


NRA reports on in crease of roof cleaners …

In their article dated January 4th, 2011, reports on the significant increase in demand for roof cleaning specialsts.

The article, which refers to a on story of the Baltic News Network points out, that often roof cleaning is only done in emergency situations.


BNN reports: Microsoft to support the unemployed

Microsoft supports the unemployed

Microsoft supports the unemployed

On December 28th, 2010 - right before the end of the year, the Baltic News Network reports on a new activity of the software company Microsoft:

Microsoft has granted 827 870 US dollars to the Latvian Information and Communication Technology Association to support the unemployed and develop their computer skills, as well as provide professional career development.