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Baltic Course on Judge Melina – Ventbunkers

On March 19th, 2013 the news platform Baltic Course publishes a news report which came in as press release from the Ventbunkers press service with the following title:

Judge Melina strikes again in the Ventbunkers/LNT case

the article describes horrible conditions in the latvian law system and sheds a strange light on corruption in Latvia.

Read the full article at Baltic Course.

The press release from AS Ventbunkers is available in three languages:

in English: inf130319-judge-Melina-Ventbunkers-EN

in Latvian: Melina-ventbunkers-LV-19.03.2013

in Russian: VBU-Melina-RU


Again Oleg Stepanov tries to steel millions

as the Baltic News Network reports in their article dated March 4th, 2013, Mr. Oleg Stepanov seems to try again to steel millions out of LNT - which translates into Latvias Naftas Tranzits.

The article of BNN reports this threat with reference to inside sources.You can find the original English Article here.