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Distrust in Letvia – latvian ports

as Baltic News Network reports on September 23rd, we have to learn, that more and more distrust is taking place against the Latvian ports.

The article explains, that: The hysteria of members of Latvian Transit Business Association (LTBA), different experts and some of Saeima deputies regarding any possible involvement in freeport Boards in fear of ruining the entire industry as a result in no longer surprising in any way. The very same people who sit in LTBA also work in the Boards of Latvia’s freeports. They are the same people who largely dictate the agendas of Transport Ministry and its subsidiaries, claims Baltic Association for Transport and Logistics.


BATL initiative against port activities

One more time we have to read articles on corruption and mismanagement around Latvia and its free port.

As published on September 22nd, 2013 we read in,,,,, and the following, really worrying article:

“BATL supports the initiative to divert profits from port activities to Latvia’s state budget

The Biedrība Baltijas asociācija – Transports un loģistika (BATL) supports the initiative of the Economy Ministry to amend the current regulations to allow the transfer of a portion of Latvia’s ports’ revenue to the state budget starting January 1, 2014.

“It is not the introduction of new taxes on port Boards that will reduce the overall competitiveness of Latvia’s transit corridor but the state’s inability to prevent the arbitrariness of the management teams of Latvia’s ports, which often results in scandals, criminal accusations, irresponsible realization of investment projects and other unpleasant activities. This fact is proven with conclusions from the prosecutor’s office, Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau, the European Commission and courts,” – as BATL informed BNN.