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BATL initiative against port activities

One more time we have to read articles on corruption and mismanagement around Latvia and its free port.

As published on September 22nd, 2013 we read in,,,,, and the following, really worrying article:

“BATL supports the initiative to divert profits from port activities to Latvia’s state budget

The Biedrība Baltijas asociācija – Transports un loģistika (BATL) supports the initiative of the Economy Ministry to amend the current regulations to allow the transfer of a portion of Latvia’s ports’ revenue to the state budget starting January 1, 2014.

“It is not the introduction of new taxes on port Boards that will reduce the overall competitiveness of Latvia’s transit corridor but the state’s inability to prevent the arbitrariness of the management teams of Latvia’s ports, which often results in scandals, criminal accusations, irresponsible realization of investment projects and other unpleasant activities. This fact is proven with conclusions from the prosecutor’s office, Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau, the European Commission and courts,” – as BATL informed BNN.


Replacing Ventspils Free Port Management

The Baltic News Network on their reports about plan of BATL to get the Ventspils Free Port Authority management replaced (in Latvian). The interesting article published on November 4th 2011 reads as follows:

“Ventspils Free Port Authority (VFPA) has long been practicing systematic violations and purposeful contra-action towards business interests of companies operating in Ventspils port, Baltic Association of Transport and Logistics (BATL) told BNN.


Lobbyist active in Ventspils

as the Baltic News Network reports according to BATL – the Ventspils Free Port is lobbying its companies instead of the interests of Latvia.

In the article published June 9, 2011 BNN reports, that

The Baltic Association of Transport and Logistics (BATL) warns Ventspils Free port administration’s activities against AS Ventspils Grain Terminal clearly suggest once more the changes are necessary within Ventspils Free port administration.


Again Oleg Stepanov tries to steel millions

as the Baltic News Network reports in their article dated March 4th, 2013, Mr. Oleg Stepanov seems to try again to steel millions out of LNT - which translates into Latvias Naftas Tranzits.

The article of BNN reports this threat with reference to inside sources.You can find the original English Article here.


Media report on Dzintars Kass and finance police officer I. Kuzmina

In serveral articles published on Augst 3 and following days, a strange case around AS Ventbunkers is reported in the latvian online press. Read in Baltic News Network English, Latvian

Find the Articles in:


BNN: Prosecutor General’s Office too weak for Lembergs

The Baltic News Network reports in July 26th, 2012 about the situation in Latvia concerning Aivars Lembergs. Obviously BNN reports, that the Prosecutor General in Riga is not strong enough to fight Aivars Lembergs.

The BNN article in English language starts as follows:


CSA to mull over disciplinary action against Kveps for conflict of interest in favour of TM security

BNN: Baltic News Network ( published on December 6th, 2011 the following article which refers to

What do some banks have in common with some attorneys? You can trust neither of them. In the banking business we see this in Krajbanka collapse, dragging down also the bank’s professional reputation. The portal informs about another case, which could lead to a similar outcome, but in the profession of an attorney.

Latvian Council of Sworn Advocates (CSA) will decide on Tuesday, December 6, whether to launch a disciplinary action against the sworn attorney Martins Kveps. The case could round up with Kveps being excluded from the circles of sworn attorneys, CSA Chairwoman Guna Kaminksa told


TM security wrapped in falsifications, forgeries and lies

The Baltic news Network ( reports on December 7th 2011:

BNN received an e-mail the other day: “Dear Sirs! To me BNN is like a tribune. A tribune that asks the questions some influential people would rather not reveal to the general public. Some of the questions asked cover the so called “transit wars”. I am deeply concerned about the upcoming “assault” of an enterprise that so far courageously held off the “Ventspils Commandant”. I would appreciate if you would kindly publish my opinion on this matter.” BNN kindly does what our reader asks.

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BNN reports about questional methods of VITOL

On July 29th, 2011 BNN reports in an article the press release of Latvijas Naftas Tranzits with the title "Vitol’s questionable methods manipulated the outcome of the Ventspils Nafta ("VN") Shareholders' Meeting"

Read the full article about VITOL in Baltic News Network.

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BNN today: BATL – Ventspils Free Port lobbies its companies instead of Latvia’s interests

The Baltic News Network published the following article on June 9th, 2011.

The Baltic Association of Transport and Logistics (BATL) warns Ventspils Free port administration’s activities against AS Ventspils Grain Terminal clearly suggest once more the changes are necessary within Ventspils Free port administration.