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BATL initiative against port activities

One more time we have to read articles on corruption and mismanagement around Latvia and its free port.

As published on September 22nd, 2013 we read in,,,,, and the following, really worrying article:

“BATL supports the initiative to divert profits from port activities to Latvia’s state budget

The Biedrība Baltijas asociācija – Transports un loģistika (BATL) supports the initiative of the Economy Ministry to amend the current regulations to allow the transfer of a portion of Latvia’s ports’ revenue to the state budget starting January 1, 2014.

“It is not the introduction of new taxes on port Boards that will reduce the overall competitiveness of Latvia’s transit corridor but the state’s inability to prevent the arbitrariness of the management teams of Latvia’s ports, which often results in scandals, criminal accusations, irresponsible realization of investment projects and other unpleasant activities. This fact is proven with conclusions from the prosecutor’s office, Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau, the European Commission and courts,” – as BATL informed BNN.


TM security wrapped in falsifications, forgeries and lies

The Baltic news Network ( reports on December 7th 2011:

BNN received an e-mail the other day: “Dear Sirs! To me BNN is like a tribune. A tribune that asks the questions some influential people would rather not reveal to the general public. Some of the questions asked cover the so called “transit wars”. I am deeply concerned about the upcoming “assault” of an enterprise that so far courageously held off the “Ventspils Commandant”. I would appreciate if you would kindly publish my opinion on this matter.” BNN kindly does what our reader asks.

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BNN today: BATL – Ventspils Free Port lobbies its companies instead of Latvia’s interests

The Baltic News Network published the following article on June 9th, 2011.

The Baltic Association of Transport and Logistics (BATL) warns Ventspils Free port administration’s activities against AS Ventspils Grain Terminal clearly suggest once more the changes are necessary within Ventspils Free port administration.


LITASCO – new facts

News facts around LITASCO came up today, when media-reading published an article about the possible involvement in the Zambia oil corruption case.

You may read the articles in media-reading - or go to the source directly:

There are several news sources which make it obviouse, that LUKOIL daughter company LITASCO has tried to influence a tender in Zambia in LITASCO's favor.


Ventbunkers in negotiations with LITASCO

AS Ventbunkers

AS Ventbunkers

On January 28th, 2011 - the AS Ventbunkers press service published a press release about the current situation with the AS Ventbunkers client LITASCO.

As the press release expresses, the terminals of Ventbunkers are currently blocked by LITASCO. This, by not taking over their oil from the Ventbunkers terminals and thus blocking the terminals.

This situation is now ongoing since christmas last year - and costs Ventbunkers millions every day. A loss in turnover and profit which will be difficult to compensate during 2011.


Rudolf Meroni in LETA article (TM Security)

Dr. Rudolf Meroni / AS Ventbunkers

Dr. Rudolf Meroni / AS Ventbunkers

In their article published on January 30th, 2011 - Kārlis Lithens LETA and Aija Rutka LETA describe the current situation around the latvian security company "TM Security".

TM Security was involved in several fights about access to premises of AS Ventbunkers - where they claimed to be hired for security - which turned out to be untrue.

The security company's armed guards tried to prevent AS Ventbunkers officials (management board and supervisory board members) from entering their own offices (!!!). Incredible situation.


Rudolf Meroni: his role in oil transit

A new video has been published by AS Ventbunkers. This video which is a video statement of the chairman of the supervisory board of AS Ventbunkers - Dr. Rudolf Meroni - explains, how Meroni got into the oil transit business in Ventpils. Videos of Dr. Rudolf Meroni can also be found in interceder.


Lukoil seeks to extend the contract with VENTBUNKERS

Railroad jam

Railroad jam reports on January 18, 2011 on the peculiar situation of Ventbunkers (VBU) and the Russian oil giant Lukoil.

Lukoil (or their subsidiary company Litasco) is trying to force VBU sign a new contract by failing to load the terminal stored passwords, and blocking the possibility of handling other customer load.


Merks Board Chairman: glad about tender loss

Ivars Geidāns

Ivars Geidāns

The Baltic News Network reports in their article dated January 17,2011:

On considering the history of this project, I am rather glad than regretful that we lost the tender. It turns we had calculated the most precise and beneficial construction price for the state, when compared to the competitors’ one.

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Latvian Traders Association President: Latvia is too small

Henriks Danusevics, the President of the Latvian Traders Association

Henriks Danusevics

A BNN article from January 18, 2011: Latvia is too small for Lidl, who has other markets where to develop, the President of the Latvian Traders Association Henriks Danusevics told the business news portal BNN.

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